Monday, April 14, 2014

'Pronaam tomaay Ghonoshyam'- a Devotional Song from the Bengali Film- 'Mejdidi' (1951)

Dear friends, this is a memorable bengali song from the film- 'Mejdidi' (1951). Devotion is the real essence of the song!!! The way Kaanan Devi sings it, truly justifies the lyrics, the composition and the heartfelt prayer which is uttered by the main protagonist. 

I am posting the lyrics here, will try to translate it when I get time. 

I love this song for its Purity and its Sincere Approach.

Here are the lyrics-

Pronaam tomaay Ghonoshyam
Pronaam tomaay Ghonoshyam

Tomar choron shoron kori obhoy ebar hobo Hori
dukkho shaagor jaabo tori __ kore toma naam

Pronaam tomaay Ghonoshyam…

Amra pori ghumaaye Probhu tomar nityo jaagoron
Khone khone ghotaaye je bhul chokkhe modero aaboron
Shei aaboron ghuchao Hori, daraao jugal murti dhori
Dekhi tomaaye noyon bhore purna kori monoshkaam.

Pronaam tomaay Ghonoshyam….

Jai Shri Krishna!

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