Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Goyenda Ginni: A Serial on Zee Bangla

A new serial named ‘Goyenda Ginni’ has started on Zee Bangla, every Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm. The basic storyline is the investigating of different cases by a housewife who has a conservative in laws house, so can’t work publicly and keeps all her activities a secret from the members of the house.

I am enjoying the show mainly because of the detective angle :). I have started following any tv serial after a long time. Otherwise these days, most of the serials does not have anything new to offer. This serial has a freshness in the storyline.

I am liking the way they are showing the leading lady manage everything in the house and still feeling the responsibility to do something for the society, the way she is working hard to maintain both the duties. One according to the role given by the society, the other dictated by her conscience/ interest :):)

Her husband and one of her brother in law who is a Police officer- both help her in every step :) and try to make her way a bit smooth. Also liking their characters.

Her sister in law is against all her steps and try to make her situation tough. This plot is taken from popular serials :D. It is unnecessary, I feel. Every day they waste a lot time showing the intrigues of this lady and her mother, who also uses her brain, but in the wrong path. She could have helped her elder sister in law in solving the cases, but she uses it against her :(...

Indrani Haldar is playing the title role of Parama Mitra. Watching her after a long time :) and enjoying :) :). Saheb Chatterjee is playing her husband. Remember his acting in Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu (Hindi) film. Really liked him there :). The actor who plays the brother in law Arup is also a known face but I don’t know his name. He also played the role of someone quite similar to  Mahaprabhu Shri Chaitanya in a tv serial named – ‘Probhu Aamar’. There I saw him for the first time. [The title track of that serial was very good :), sung by Manomoy Bhattacharya]. Aditi Chatterjee is playing the younger sister in law- Nandini. I also liked her when she came to acting 10- 15 years back. But her characterisation is somewhat cliche/ in expected line, in this serial.

Overall, I am mainly enjoying the case solving element of this serial :). Hope the Production Company continue the good work :), focus more on the investigation and less on family affairs :D.

14.12.15- Ok, the previous part was written a few months back. But remained in draft state for a long time :D. Now some more :D.

Situation is better now. Everyone in the family know about Parama's work. They also support her. Her mother in law is very protective of her but she also loves her.

Recently she solved the case of the death of three singers. The state minister also congratulated her in this success. All the family members were happy. I am writing particularly about a scene of Friday Ep, which touched me. When the grandmother asked her anything she wishes, as she wanted to bless her for her success, by agreeing to her wish. Parama asked for the marriage of her brother in law and the right to open a beauty parlour for her sister in law. She did not ask anything for herself. She could have asked for her right to continue investigation. But she thought about other family members first. Her sister in law was in tears. This scene was so Elevating!! Made my day! We appreciate such noble characters and get motivated by them!

Wonderful work by the production team!

Parama also helped her sister in law (Nanda) in one of her previous case, where Nanda was accused of killing a lady of their neighbourhood. There were many good scenes between both the sister in law in that track. I enjoyed them also. But did not expect Nanda to feel jealousy for Parama again after the completion of that case. But Friday's scene was really fulfilling!!

Here I am trying to write down the names of the cases solved by Parama till now-

# Mystery of Krishna Idol’s Crown
# Mystery of the death of and old woman
 # Mystery of the missing girl from neighbourhood
# Mystery of the lost Durga Idol of an old established family
# Mystery of the death of a neighbourhood lady
# Mystery of the death of three singers
# Mystey of the death of a person (latest story)

Can remember only these cases now. There could be one or two more.

I have missed one or two tracks but all are enjoyable, no doubt. I am loving this serial :)

With lots of best wishes.

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