Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sadhusanga: A Book in Bengali by Gajendra Kumar Mitra

Sadhusanga is a compilation of tales about saints and monks, experienced by the author or by the friends, relatives, acquaintances of the writer. This book delves deep into the lives of monks, their life stories, philosophies. The stories amaze us, make us think and look more minutely in our life. Some stories are so astonishing that you need to read the book to experience it!

The ascetics are also from this world around us- we realise it while reading the book. Many stories have left an impression on me. From beginning to the end this book makes us walk with the saints, feeling their emotions, realising their life, their aim, daily details of their existence- very very fascinating book it is indeed. On one hand the stories are spiritual or ascetic if we consider their inner essence, on the other, yet not so in the sense that the stories also narrate the incidents of very ordinary family life, the life we lead normally, still they have the elements of sacrifice, renunciation and contentment in them, an aim to reach the Highest.

Another reason why I enjoyed this book so much is because many of the stories describe Haridwar and along with it many more famous religious places, how they were a hundred years ago. I felt this is so unique feature of the book as we have visited Haridwar many times and know many of the places described in some of the stories. While reading the book, it was amusing to imagine those known places in old days, with so few people around!

Do read the book to bring a new aspect in your life which will enhance your 'vision' by letting you see the world in a new light :).

Jai Shri Krishna.

(Here I have uploaded the cover photo of Sadhusanga by Mitra O Ghosh Publishers. Photo is used for the purpose of appreciation only. No personal profit intended.)

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