Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yesterday i watched LAAGA CHUNRI MEIN DAAG - a film by yash raj productions . Though this film was not successful in the box office , but i loved it .

To be very frank - i love yash raj films . They have traditional values , romantic stories , beautiful locations , nice actors , powerful dialogues and good music . Now a days indian film industry is going through such a rapid change that films like LCMD may seem a bit cliche regarding storyline . Yeah , i agree to that . But i loved the simple story , acting of all the casts , direction , songs and the screenplay also .

Talking about the cast - RANI , KONKONA , ABHISHEK , JAYA BACHCHAN , and ANUPAM KHER -I LOVE TO SEE THEM ON SCREEN . Not to forget -TINU ANAD , SUSHANT SINGH and KUNAL KAPOOR . The film is a story of struggle and triumph , it contains some memorable moments - specially by jaya bachchan .

WOW ! WOW ! WOW ! For how long will i keep on talking about this film? You must be getting bored reading it . I will write more about YRF in my future blogs . Because i really enjoy their films .

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  1. Sorry to disagree so radically, thought I am all for the right values etc, I also care for the treatment, I hated this movie, probably more than I hated any other that year. I hated the clich├ęd direction, a girl sings a song with a younger sister, she is innocent and bubbly, a girl goes looking for a job and people pounce with the claws shining….I mean come on , we have seen better portrayal of similar themes from the early days of Bombay industry, looks at Pakiza, Umrao Jaan and in recent times Fashion for instance, the movie was all about taking personal responsibility, LCMD is exclusively about victimisation....p..l..he.ase give me a break on that one!!!