Saturday, May 30, 2009


Yesrerday i watched 13 B. I loved it . It took me into a mysterious unknown world for the time being , and kept me glued to the chair .

I loved R. MADHAVAN from his SEA HAWKS days . So i wanted to watch this film for some weeks . And i also like SACHIN KHERKAR . I have watched him in a couple of serials and also in SHYAM BENEGAL's film on SUBHASH CHANDRTA BOSE - THE FORGOTTEN HERO .

13 B was really a good film and a scary one too , at least for me . The ending has also been done quite convincingly , unlike other ghost movies where endings become a bit cliche or seems like anti-climax because of their lack of substance in the plot . In fact last night i woke up once and started remembering incidents from the film . So that's my opinion about that film(which really has succeeded in entertaining me ) .

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