Monday, June 1, 2009


I am a great fan of JET LI . So whenever i get a chance to watch his movies i really enjoy them .

Actually , i love the movies based on martial arts . Jet li is a master in this genre . The fight sequences in both these movies were amazing .

Another thing to note is that both films have a nice twist / climax at the end . Mainly these are the reasons why i am discussing them together .

The last reason is that i have watched both these films last week only - so they are really fresh in my memory .

ROMEO MUST DIE - is a story of revenge , love , and underworld gang-wars . i loved the way jet li searched for the killer of his brother , the way he shared on-screen chemistry with aliyah , and the way he talked with his father in the end . The story is nice (slightly complex also ) but doesn't truly resemble shakespeare 's romeo and juliet , at least according to me . But anyway , i loved this film .

ROUGE ASSASSIN (WAR ) - is a story about friendship of two policemen in the backdrop of gang-war . The story has a real twist a the end and i loved it . In fact i love JASON STATHAM also (because of his TRANSPORTER series ) . In this film i got a chance to see my two favourite artists together , which was real fun . Their friendship , their search for true identity of each other - everything has been dealt nicely in the movie . This movie has been released in two different names ( for different countries ) , so i have included both names in my post .

I would love to hear your experiences about these movies .

By the way - i also love MICHELLE YEOH in martial arts movies also . I will discuss about her films in future .

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