Saturday, June 27, 2009


Yesterday I watched this film again . I really love this film . It is such an unique film that i feel , it directly touches your heart .

I am confessing something in the beginning here --that i always felt that i am better than any other persons and specially from LOW-INCOME group people . I really had a pride for being the intellectual sort of person coming from an educated /learned family background . But after watching this film and also SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE ( to some extent ) has helped me to come out of this wrong pride . And i am really grateful to the makers of SWADES for this .

When i watched it for the first time i expected to see just another of typical SRK-movie . But by sheer content of the film , it made me thoughtful for a while after completing the film.

You must have noticed that i am becoming subjective while discussing about the film , it is because of the subject matter of SWADES . It really is very close to our heart --our great country and our duty towards it . The way our country , its valleys , its beauty , colours , roads , people --- all have been shown in this film , that had made me loving my country , realising its true beauty and feeling oneness with its people .

The whole story is so different : generally we don't consider leaving a successful career for DESH-SEVA . But after watching the film , many like me has felt a nice chord with this country . Looking at the people through SRK's eyes make us feel ONE with them , we come to know about their life , their struggles , their happiness and sadness . WE FEEL THEM LITERALLY . There lies the mastery of the director .

At first the film makes a personal contact with us , then it works on our conscience , making us aware of our duties and freeing us from our prejudices . It is in these categories that it scores high on each person's emotional response to it .

I also love the songs -- YU HI CHALA CHAL , YEH TARA WOH TARA , YEH JO DES HAI TERA , and my favourite is PAL PAL HAIN BHARI . I simply can't get tired by appreciating A.R.RAHMAN 's songs , so love all of them . SWADES THEME ( shehnai) is also a nice one .I love that too .

A film worth watching ...Experiencing that it is GREAT to be an INDIAN .

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