Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well , you all must have got an idea that today I am going to write about A. R. RAHMAN. He is my favourite right from the days of ROJA, BOMBAY. I have always felt that his compositions just elevates me to a higher level.

Today I selected those songs which had really touched my heart, as well as they fall in the same category. Though I am not an expert in Urdu, but I tried to read the lyrics of these songs to understand their meanings. So, forgive me, if I have made any mistakes regarding lyrics.

At first I will write about PIYA HAJI ALI ( from the film FIZA ). I was truly surprised when I heard the song for the first time. I felt as if I am one of the devotee at the door of the dargah. Such is the power of this song. The lyrics and the music- both are excellent.The chanting of the words PIYA HAJI ALI, conveys a soothing tone, bringing peace in the mind of the listener. The lyrics tell us about the glory of the GOD, in various ways. I loved this song from the very first time I have listened to it.

Next song is KHWAJA MERE KHWAJA ( from the film JODHA AKBAR ). It is also in the same line as the previous one. It praises  GOD's ways in a tone of security and peace which can be felt only in GOD's presence. The tone of reverence can be felt throughout the song.

The last song I am going to discuss is ARZIYAAN...MAULA MAULA ...( from DELHI 6 ). This is my favourite song. The first time I heard the song, I broke into tears, mainly because of the purity of the song (which I have found out later, at that moment I was too involved with the song to note its features). This is an unique song, and according to me the culmination of all the songs we have been discussing earlier. I am really at a loss of words for this song. It tells us about meeting one's true self after taking refuge in the LORD. A tone of acceptance of GOD's ways has been conveyed here. This song also brings with it a heightened awareness about our futile existence. The message is to shed our ego and take shelter in the LORD, which is our ever peaceful abode. I don't think I can express my experience about this song. I admire it for its powerful lyrics and its flawless music.

As I have already mentioned, A. R. RAHMAN 's songs always have this power to elevate you from this mundane world. But these are the songs which truly give us a taste of the ULTIMATE SERENE SHELTER. All of these songs have an element of prayer in them. I can listen to them throughout the whole day. They make me feel as if I am worshipping the LORD, there lies the success of all these songs .

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