Saturday, August 22, 2009


Yesterday , I watched this film , I think for the 3rd time ….

From the very 1st time , I liked this film a lot . Why ? the main reason is the action scenes and the hero — JASON STATHAM . action sequences are shot in such a nice way that I (a person , who generally doesn’t like to see unnecessary violence ) loved them .The camera work , the choreography of the action scenes -- all are perfect .
JASON STATHAM is a very very handsome person . Yes , I like to watch him on screen . Previously I have also wrote about him in the review of ROUGE ASSASSIN . Here also it is his smartness , his physique which have been used extensively .
The story is good . I liked the very few and short romantic (if we can call them so !!!) scenes also .
Overall it is a nice movie , good for timepass .

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