Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is a very nice romantic movie . And with romance , this film has another theme of scientific discovery in it . The casts were also my favourite –HUGH JACKMAN (WOW !) and MEG RYAN .

So at first the story , a unique one – to find a gap in time and travel to past/future (surprisingly it does not include the famous TIME MACHINE in it ) ! So this is something unusual . In fact they have shown the concept quite convincingly . I liked it .

Now the romantic part . That is also very good . A man from the past in love with a woman of the present time . Many misunderstandings and many sweet scenes . The love and warmth MEG RYAN feels when she is with HUGH JACKMAN are very well expressed .I liked all those scenes .

A theme of comparison of two ages is present throughout the whole film . As HUGH JACKMAN comes from the past and the present world is seen from his point of view . With him we also get an idea of how the world has changed in 100-150 years . The values , behaviour , concepts –everything have gone through a lot of change . This contrast of the present and the past in interwined with romance in the plot of the film . In fact this is another reason why I like this film so much .
Indeed , a good film—KATE AND LEOPOLD , do watch it .

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