Wednesday, December 16, 2009

GOAL : English Movie

Recently I watched this movie and I liked it . actually I like Football , so for me this was a treat !

And being a citizen of a developing country , i could identify with the main character - Santiago Munez very easily .

The struggles which he goes through , the doubts , the lessons he learnt – all are shown in a very nice way .

The story revolves around a football player from MEXICO who has a dream to play football , make it his profession . but , as we all know , the scope for any sport is very limited in developing countries . one fine day , he finds a mentor in a retired player of England , who helps him , guides him to adjust in the new country . gradually he becomes a player of the first class team in England club football .

In fact , there is a friend of Santiago in the film , who also undergoes a change in the due course of events . that part of the story is also very interesting !

The day when Santiago played his first proper ‘first class’ match in England , I felt very happy !

His family members , coach , mentor , friends – all have been shown with great details in the film .

Overall this is a film about chasing and realizing a dream and it is successful in delivering the message .

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