Thursday, December 24, 2009

WAKE UP SID : Hindi Film

Really a very nice movie . it is about the character of SID – an irresponsible teenager , who goes though many experiences and at last achieves a certain maturity .

( ok , he doesn’t become completely responsible, as opposing his initial character in the story , then it would not have been a believable story – at all ! )

both RANBIR and KONKONA have done very good work here . RANBIR is proving that he has the potential to be a great actor . ANUPAM KHER and SUPRIYA PATHAK are also really good .

the story has an aim of making the undecisive person - alert and active . it shows the changes how a person goes through in the path of self discovery .

there are many nice and sweet scenes in the film . when Ranbir goes to meet his mother , when he goes to click the photo of his neighbour and starts realizing the relationship of mother-son , when he comes to Konkona’s house after leaving his home , when Ranbir goes to meet his father at the office with his first salary cheque – all these scenes are excellent !

I also loved the title song as well as the ‘Ektaara ‘ song – both are very fresh in approach and the picturisations are also very good .

in the last 10-15 minutes I was almost lost in the story – the direction is very matured . ok , we may say that the story doesn’t have an element of surprise , i.e.- it went on in the expected line – but the scenes , dialogues, acting , and overall - direction – all are very good in this film . the concept of LOVE has been treated very sensitively in WAKE UP SID .

it is a film worth watching !

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