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Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan (10)- First Meeting of Siya-Ram at the Pushp Vatika

Yes, as I had promised in my last post on Ramayan that today we’ll talk about the Pushp Vatika sequence. Here is the scene in YouTube:

So, the scene starts when Rani Sunayana Devi instructs Sita to visit the Gouri temple and worship the deity as a family custom of the Royal House. So Sita goes to the temple with her friends.

And on the other hand, we find Shri Ram and Lakshman going to the Pushp Vatika to collect the flower for the daily worship of Muni Vishwamitra. So they reach the vatika, ask the gardener about it and enter the garden. Here we have a really beautiful doha from Ram Charit Manas- ‘Lata Bhavan te prakat bhaye’ – describing the beauty of the Lord!

After completing her puja, as Sita decides to return, her friends tell her that Shri Ram has also come to the vatika, and they suggest Sita to have a look at Him. Sita aggress and goes to the vatika.

Here we have really really wonderful sequence, which is a source of Joy to all the Devotees of Siya-Ram! This sequences - its picturisation along with the devotional lines from RCM in it, the Music of Ravindra Jain saab, as well as the acting of Arun Govil and Deepika, and above all the direction of Ramanad Saagar ji- is truly memorable for its true portrayal of the emotions generated in the lovers at their first sight. The characters are not merely earthly beings, but they are the very Shri Hari and Mata Lakshmi from Vaikunth Lok, so the lines from RCM has that Depth and Richenss which gets us immersed in its beauty, filling us with the Love shared by the Lord and His Consort!!! The songs keep on repeating itself in our mind as well as the scenes become permanent in our heart!

Here is the video:

Now coming to the actual situation - after seeing Shri Ram, Sita Mata becomes emotional, and goes to Gouri Mandir again to pray to the Goddess. The lyrics of the prayer are so Sincere that we almost Feel to pray the same along with her. The way she says – ‘Kinhe hu pragata na kaaran tehi’- Is just enough to remind us about the omnipresence of the Lord!

Now, the goddess becomes happy and blesses Sita Mata with the words- 'Vinay prem vas bhayi Bhavaani'. Here we have another beautiful line- ‘Karuna nidhan sujaan sil sanehu jaant raavar’- this is also one of the Best lines , I believe in it So Much that probably I can’t express!

And the ending is so Pious!!! The repetition of the – ‘mudita mann mandir chali’, works like a Chanting Effect for me! The mood is uplifted, the heart has got a hope thr’ Mata Gouri and Sita Mata is happy at the end of the scene! Our Heart just goes out to the whole sequence again and again!

After this, we have Sita thinking about Shri Ram, in her room as well as Shri Ram looking at the Moon and comparing it with Mata Sita. Here we have a nice conversation of Shri Ram with Lakshman. A song – ‘Prachi Dishi’ from RCM is there, which very clearly depicts the state of Shri Ram. The tone is so Peaceful and True to the Actual Feelings of Shri Ram and Sita Mata!

Now Ashok Kumar comes on screen to explain the feelings of Shri Ram and Mata Sita very beautifully. He stresses the Spontaneous Feeling as well as the Restraint in their characters.

To experience the Beauty of this Pushp Vatika and the sequence continuing the mood, we need to understand the lyrics of RCM, (for first time viewers, please follow the English translation for that), otherwise the sweetness/ divinity of the scene will be lost. All the lines used here are Wonderful and Filled with Bliss, so I am unable to quote them. Here are the lyrics:

Next time we'll attend the 'Swayamvar' of Sita Mata :)

Jai Siya-Ram!

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