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Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan(9)- Ram-Lakshman in Mithila

In the last post we were introduced to the Royal Family of Mithila. Now we are coming back to Shri Ram and Lakshman, who are staying with Sage Vishwamitra in the ‘aamra vatika’ of Mithila. (This scene is not there on many DVD versions of the serial). As Lakshman wants to visit the city, Shri Ram asks Vishwamitra for the permission to do so. Vishwamitra becomes very happy and appreciates Shri ram for His wisdom while expressing wishes. He tells them to go to see the city so that the people of Mithila can also be Blessed by the sight of the Lord! So they go to visit the city and started spreading Joy to all… The public became overwhelmed by looking at them. The ladies looked at them and discussed about the beauty and charm … They wish if Sita could get married to this handsome Prince, then they will be able to see him again in future, when he will come to visit the in-laws. They discuss about the valour of Shri Ram. Really a wonderful scene to experience the beauty of the Lord!! All has been said in the RCM lines which has been used in the background music- 'Dekhan nagar Bhoop suta aaye'. Here is the lyrics:-

We can very easily relate this scene with the scene from Ramanand Sagar’s another great work ‘Shri Krishna’, where Shri Krishna goes out in the neighbourhood for the first time, then also the same reaction from the public can be noticed. Here is the scene:

And here are the lyrics of that song:-

Now coming back to Ramayan, in the last post we have seen that Raja Janak came to know about Sage Vishwamitra’s arrival in Mithila, so he goes to welcome him personally. They all meet and greet each other. Here is the scene:

Then Shri Ram and Lakshman comes there after their visit to the city (Mithila), and Raja Janak becomes ‘visibly moved’ while looking at Him. This is such a wonderful scene! The lines from ‘Ram Charit Manas’ as the backgroung music says it all- ‘Murati Madhur manohar dekhi, bhaye videh videh bisekhi’. As Janak was considered as an ascetic person, still, the first look at the Lord, filled him with the rapture of Bliss. Really a memorable scene!!

In the palace, the friends of Sita tells her about the beauty of Shri Ram, about His visit in Mithila, that day, Sita listens to it with rapt attention.

After that, we have one of the Great scenes of Ramayan here, this one is one of my Top Favorite scene of all!! Where Shri Ram and Lashman serves Muni Vishwamitra by pressing his feet. After that Lakshman dose the same to Shri Ram to serve Him. The song is – ‘Munivar sayan kinhi tab jaayi’. This scene is Soooo Unique in its Content that everytime I feel Emotional while watching it! It is indeed Blissful as well as it teaches us the lesson what the Lord delivers through this action, that is to Respect the Guru, the Brahmin. The Lord of the Universe serving a sage, what a great Humility from the Lord!! I am So much attached to this scene that probably I won’t be able to express it here. The music, the words as well as the way the singer has delivered the song - all combine to make the effect of a Divine experience here. This is indeed one of the highest moments of Ramayan acc to me. It takes the serial to a Great Height! Such a Pious moment experienced by the audience here!

We also have same kind of scene in RSji’s Shri Krishna also, where Krishna comes to the aashram of Gargacharya for the first time, in Mathura, after killing Kans. It also has the same effect on me as the previous one from Ramayan. The lyrics are also very nice in SK.

(Will try to post the link of the video of the scene as well as the lyrics of the sequence in future.)

So here in Ramayan, we have Shri Ram and Lakshman going to take rest for the night. Tomorrow or the day after they will attend the Swayambar of Sita, but before that we have another Wonderful sequence in Pushp Vatika, will write about it in my next post.

Jai Shri Ram!

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