Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan (8)- Introduction of the Royal House of Mithila

Now we have the first scene in the Royal house of Mithila. We can see Raja Janak along with Rani Sunayna and Kulguru Shataanand performing a Shiv puja. Really a nice way to introduce a ‘Pious’ family. The same was done in the beginning while introducing the royal family of Ayodhya, with a prayer to Kuldevta Suryadev. Truly, Ramayana helps us to ‘connect wth the Divine Lord’ in each of its scenes. It portrays the ‘ideal way to lead our life’.

Here are the videos of this part:-

Coming back to Mithila- while performing the puja, we can see Sita Mata for the first time. Really really a beautiful entry. They talk about the oath of Raja Janak about ‘Shiv-Dhanu bhang’. We find that the task is really a difficult one. Rani Sunayana asks Sita to pray for a virtuous and noble husband, she gets worried about the futue of her daughter. But Shataanand suggests Janak to have Faith in the oath, implying that, the Power which inspired him to take the oath with see to its success. The background music of this scene is soooo Divine!! I always cry while listening to it, the same music has been used in many of the scenes after this and each time I get filled with emotions while listening to it! Very very powerful tune indeed!

Now a messenger informs Raja Janak about the arrival of Muni Vishwamitra, who is staying in the 'Arma vatika' of Mithila. Raja Janak, Sunayana Devi and Shataanand –all become very happy to recieve the news of the arrival of Vishwamitra. They feel his presence will make the ambience more pious!

We have another good news in this scene- the brother of Janak, Kushadhwaj with his family also come to attend the Swayambar. All the members of both the families become very happy to meet each other. Then Janak decides to go to welcome Sage Vishwamitra personally. We will discuss about that scene in my next post.

Jai Shri Ram!

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