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Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan (7)- Ahalya Uddhar and Journry towards Mithila

Now we are starting our journey towards Mithila, the sc starts from here:

And continues till:

During their stay in Vishawmitra’s aashram, Shri Ram and Lashman come to know about the envoy from the King of Mithila- Raja Janak. Vishwamitra asks them to accompany him to Mithila and as obedient students, they they follow him.

Here we also have the story of the birth of Sita. That once when there were draught in Mithila, then King Janaka himself started ploughing and found a baby girl in the plough filed, and named her Sita.

Now we have the song- ‘Chale Ram Lakhan muni sanga’, where they visit the Ganges and Vishwamitra tells them about the history of Sagar Raja and Bhagirath. I love the line- ‘Jagpaavani Ganga’ from the song. The music here is so pious!! It just expresses all about the Mahima of Maa Ganga!

Continuing their journey they come to the deserted place which was the ashram of Rishi Gautam once. Now the famous Ahalya uddhar takes place! It is So Powerful that words are not enough to express the impact! The Lord uplifted the lady who was rejected by her husband. It is such a great feeling that you have to go thr’ the emotions to ‘Realise’ it. The lines from RCM (in the original version of the song) as well as the changed words in the new version- both are sooo True!! I cannot quote a single line from that composition, it is beautiful as a whole! But yes, I love the line ‘Pad raj ki mahima bhaari’ and ‘Jo tribhuvan pujita, Lakshmi sevita, un charno me sthaan diya’:- all these expressions are so Beautiful!!

And just before the sc, when Vishwamitra says that only a Lord can uplift the wretched one! I just Love those words!! It proves the ‘Karuna’ of the Lord regarding All the creatures!! Another overwhelming sequence!

After Ahalya uddhar they reach Mithila, from where we’ll start in my next post.

Jai Shri Ram!

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