Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meera ke Girdhar- Hindi Film

This is a film based on the life story of the great devotee Meera bai. The title role played by Upasna Khosla. It is a nice film, depicting the Devotion of Meera for the Lord. It does not have unnecessary emotional/ dramatic scenes, very very neat work by the direcor Vijay Deep and the Music Director- Kanak Raj. The music is really nice, some are very sweet and devotional.

The political backdrop was such an integral part of the story of Meerabai that it is impossible to omit, so here we find politics in the palace of Maharaj Sangramsingha. But Meera with her Pure Devotion exceeds all the social barriers to meet her Lord and takes refuge in him, which we find in the last scene.

Many many scenes are really excellent- I specially remember the scene where the grandfather of Meera offers her to the idol of Shri Krishna (in her childhood), the scene where Meera talks to the portrait of her late grandfather where he reminds her about her connection with Shri Radhe Rani, the moment when Meera's husband wins over his desires and finds out the Greatness in Meera and starts feeling Respect/ Devotion for her as well as for the Lord, the death sc of Meera's husband- Raja Bhoj, the way Meera spontaneously starts dancing with joy when she sees the new temple for Shri Krishna, the way Meera decides to leave the palace and start her journey towards Vrindavan, and her last reply to the Acharya of Vrindavan about Shri Krishna as the 'only male' and the all the devotees as females. The last song- 'Sansaar ko chodke chali re Meera'- is also very nice.

Overall, a nice movie, worth watching for some good music and the element of devotion which is the intrinsic part of each and every scene of Meera. Very nice performance by Upasna Khosla.

These are the best songs of the film, which I really loved while watching it for the first time:

The title song: (also watch the film from this link, following the numbers as thyt appear in the related videos list)

Mere hai Girdhar Gopal:

Bhoolkar reet saari:

If you want only the songs:

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Jai Shri Krishna!

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