Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan (6)- Tadka Vadh

Continuing my journey with Ramayan after a gap of two months :).

In my previous post we have seen Rishi Vishwamitra arriving in Ayodhya and asking Dasharath for Shri Ram and Lakshman. Now we have Shri Ram and Lakshman going with Sage Vishwamitra to kill the demons so that the rishis can perform the yagna in the proper way without any hinderance.

During the journey, we have a very nice doha from Ramcharit Manas- ‘Purishsinha dou veer'- it tells us about the Beauty of the Lord! I Love to listen to this composition. Specially the lines- ‘akhil biswa kaaran karan' (The Lord is the ‘reason’ as well as the ‘performer of any action’ in the creation!)... The description the Lord is sooo sweet!

Then Sage Vishwamitra tells them about the Demon Tadka and Shri Ram kills her with the aim of the ‘Welfare of mankind’. After that both the brothers keep guarding the sages while they perform the ‘Yagna’ uninterruptedly. The way Shri Ram and Lakshman protects the ‘yagnasthal’ – I feel so secure to watch that sc! In the same way the Lord protects all of us, all His children, each moment! Only we forget that and become worried about our future, ourselves, our success and all… But actually He is there always and we are safe only because of Him!

After the success of tha Yagna, all become very very happy and Sage Vishwamitra tells them about the researches the sages go thr' for the development of society. Now that can be continued as Shri Ram has watched over the yagna. So Vishwamitra wants to give some more Knowledge to Shri Ram, so that He can use all those for the Welfare of he Creation. Here we have the song- ‘Tab rishi nij naath hi...’ and we have this nice line- ‘Vidya nidhi kahun vidya dinhi’- so Significant!! The Sea of Knowledge taking knowledge from the Sage!!

And the next sc, where He eats ‘kand-mool’ with all the sages and bocomes Happy/ Contented with that! When we consider a Prince doing it, we really Wonder!!

This sc along with the prev song- are expressive of the Greatness of the Lord! The Bliss which he generates among the persons around Him (His devotees) by accepting whatever they have to give- is Such a Novel Gesture!! The effet of all these sc.s are Immense when we FEEL the emotions the characters present in the sc are going thr’.

From next post we’ll start another part of the story, i.e.- the journey to Sita- Swayambar.

Today we started our journey from here:

And here the sc continues after Tadka Vadh:

Jai Shri Ram!

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