Monday, April 25, 2011

Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan(4)- 'Gurukul' Episodes

Yes, now we have Shri Ram along with Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughna in the Gurukul of Sage Vashishth.

This scene starts with the dinner of Dasharath and the queens having their dinner, the background music is Soooo Sad that I feel like crying each time. Then we have this emotional conversation between Daahrath with both the queens- Kaikeyi and Kaushalya.

After that we have the proper Gurukul Episodes, it continues through this link and some of the next links:

I LOVE ALL the scenes of this phase. All the lessons taught by Guru Vashishth are So Uplifting, Significant, Wise that I can watch them over and over again. We found So much from the messege of Shrimad Bhageat Geeta in these scenes! They are always my favourite scenes as I Love to read Shimad Bhagwat Geeta!

(Here is a song from the gurukul episodes showing the ideals:- )

Here we have three Wonderful songs, first one is 'Aaja aaja re nindiya',( ), a lullaby by Gurumata - this is one of my Most Favourite song! I LOVE the Music of this song. I also want to write about the picturisation of this song- all the students are feeling as if there mothers are with them and singing lullaby for them. And the last scene , where Ramanand Saagarji has shown us how all the students are lying in the lap of their mothers- is one of the Most Most Memorable sc for me from Ramayana. This scene just creates the MAGIC! It is here that we feel united with the emotions of the characters, we also experience the same!! The direction is Sooo Powerful that any person watching this song will start crying automatically! I Love to watch it and specially this last scene!

Then we have the song 'Lalit kare Navbhor vandana', (, based on Classical Ragas, where Gurumata teaches Music to the students. This one also has very nice Music!

After that we have another song- 'Damarupaani, Shoolpaani' ( ), on the occasion of Shivaratari- It is very very Blissful, specially where Shivji starts dancing along with the veena played by Shri Ram! The Lyrics are very very meaningful and true!


We also have two shlokas- Saraswati Puja ( and Surya namaskar (, both are very nice.

This phase ends with the Students returning to the palace wearing the royal dress, the Gurumata feels sad in the time of their depature. Next we will be having some really nice family moments from Ayodhya Raajprasad and the arrival of Sage Vishwamitra.

Jai Shri Ram!

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  1. Thanks for narrating this part so nicely, didi! Here is my POV on this scene:-
    In Gurukul episodes, I love everything, Guru Vashishtha’s training process, Gurumata’s affection, & of course the first appearance of adult princes. The beautiful murti of Mata Saraswati is lovely, & the vandana princes sing to Her is my very favorite sloka. Vashishtha’s teaching contains lots of lessons from Geeta which can never be forgotten! I really admire how humbly the four princes listening to their Guru, in spite of knowing everything which are taught!
    My best part in Gurukul episodes is the Maha Shivratri song ‘Damrupani Shulpani’. I have no word to express my love for this song! It’s so pure! I always LOVE to see the mutual respect between Shri Hari & Shivji! Vijay Kavish’s acting touches my heart! & here we can see Bharat & Lakshman sing with Shri Ram which indicates that they are going to sing the same tune of life with Ramji, & their tune of life is going to match with that of Ram’s! It’s just my feelings while watching the song of fur brothers. I don’t know why I can’t feel the same thing while watching ‘Lalit kare nav vor vandana’ but in Shivratri song I do feel this.

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