Wednesday, May 4, 2011

'Keno Jaagena Jaagena':- Bengali song by Rabindranath Tagore

Today I am posting another beautiful song by Rabindranath Tagore. It is basically a Brahma Sangeet where he laments at his Souls's failure to Appreciate and Recognise the Lord in all aspects of the creation. The way he describes the Blessings of the Lord in every single corner of our life is soo Beautiful!! I tried to translate the song. Please pardon my mistakes in doing so, I only wanted to share the 'Content' of this beautiful song with all of you.

Here is the audio link of the song, you can lsten/ download it from here:

Keno jaagena, jaagena, obosho poraan-

(Why my Soul doesn’t wake up, O Lord!)

Nishidino achetono, dhuli shayan.

(It is forever asleep, in a miserable condition.)

Jaagichhe taara, nishitho aakaashe,

( Look, the stars are awake in the night sky, )

Jaagichhe shoto onimesho noyaan.

(Like thousands of surprised eyes.)

Bihogo gaahe bone phute phuloraashi,

(Hear the musical notes in the birds’ chirping, look at the lovely flowers in the jungle,)

Chandroma haanshe shudhaamoyo haanshi-

(Look at the moon with her beautiful smile-)

Tobo maadhuri keno, jaagena praane?

(Still O Lord! Why am I unable to ‘realise’ Thy Benevolence?)

Keno herina tobo premo boyaan?

(Why am I unable to ‘perceive’ Thy Loving Face?)

Paai jononiro ojaachito sneho,

(I’m always receiving the spontaneous love of my mother)

Bhaai bhoginiro modhumoyo geho,

(I live in a house full with loving Brothers and Sisters,)

Koto bhaabe shoda tumi, aachho je kaachhe,

(O Lord! In how many different ways You are always with me,)

Keno kori toma hote doore proyaan?

(Still, why do I move further and further from You?)

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