Friday, March 4, 2011

'Chiroshokha He'- A Song By Rabindranath Tagore

Today, for the 1st time, I am going to write about a song by Rabindranath Tagore- 'Chiroshokha He'. I have been listening to this song since last week and just Feeling the depth of Devotion expressed in each and every word of this short but Beautiful composition. The music and the words- both combine to make the effect of a Tearful Cry from the depth of the heart of a devotee for the Lord!

Here is the YouTube link of the song-

This one is sung by Srikanto Acharya, I just Loved to listen to it again and again.

(I tried to translate it, but my power is limited, so Readers, please forgive me for the shortcomings in the translation).

Chiroshokha he, chherona more chherona.
(O Eternal Companion! Don't leave me!)

Shonshaaro gohone, nirbhayo-nirbhar, nirjano shojone shonge raho.
(Be with me O my Lord! Make me fearless, I am lonely without you in this world)

Adhanero hao dhono, anathero naath hao he, abalero balo;
(Be the Riches of the poor, be the Guardian of the wretched, be the Strength of the weak)

Jarabharature nobin karo ohe shudhashaagar.
( O Ocean of Nectar! Fill the old and weary with a new vigour)

And here is the same song sung by another famous singer- Rajeshwari Dutta, whom my Mom referred to while discussing about the song. Good news is that it is also available on YouTube:

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