Saturday, March 12, 2011

Agni Pariksha Song from Ramanand Sagar's 'Ramayan'

This is one of my most favourite songs from Ramayan. I keep on listening to it for a long time. Sitaji's Faith on Shri Ram is soooo Powerful in this scene! The whole sequnce is just Divine! The beauty of the last line cannot be described in words.... Lyrics are taken from Tulsidasji's Shri Ramcharitmanas.

(Lyrics and the English translation both are given by Shivang.)

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Suni Prabhu vachan bhaalu kapi harashe,
Nabh te, suranh suman bahu varashe;
Sita pratham Anal mahu raakhi,
Pragat kinhi chah, antar saakhi.

(Listening to the words of lord, bears & monkey became joyful; Gods showered flowers from the sky; Firstly, Ramji had kept Sitaji safe with Fire God, and now the knowledgeable of that internal secret wants to bring her in front of all.)

Ehi kaaran Karunaanidhi, kahe kachhuk durbaad;
Sunat jaatudhaani sab, laagai karai bishaad. (

(For that reason, graceful God uttered some harsh words listening to which, the demonesses started becoming anxious.)

Prabhu ke bachan sis dhari Sita,
Boli man kram bachan punitaa;
Lachhiman hohu dharam ke negi;
Paavak pragat karau tum begi.

(Obeying the words of Lord, Sitaji, pious by thoughts, speech & actions, said: "O Lakshman! You become helpful in following of duty & quickly generate fire for me over here".)

Suni Lachhiman Sita ke baani,
Birah bibek dharam niti saani;
Lochan sajal jori kar dou,
Prabhu san kachhu kahi sakat na ou.

(Listening to Sitaji's words full of sorrow of parting, wisdom & sense of duty, Lakshman got tears in eyes with hands joint, but couldn't say anything to Lord.)

Dekhi Ram rookh Lachhiman dhaaye,
Paavak pragat kaath bahu laaye;
Paavak prabal dekhi Baidehi,
Hriday harash nahi bhay kachhu tehi.

(Looking at the angry/serious face of Shri Ram, Lakshmanji ran & brought the wood for generating fire. Looking at burning powerful fire, Sitaji didn't have any fear in heart but had joy instead.)

Jo man bach kram, mam ur maahi,
Tyaji Raghuveer aan gati naahi;
Tou krusaanu, sab ke gati jaanaa,
Mo kahu hou Shreekhand samaanaa.

(Sitaji saying/thinking in mind: "If I haven't sought any shelter other than Raghuvar in life by my thoughts, speech or actions; then O FireGod - knowledgeable of state of mind of all! Please become cool like sandal for me.)

Shrikhand sam paavak prabes, kiyo sumiri Prabhu Maithili;
Jay Kosales Mahes bandit, charan rati ati nirmali;
Pratibimb aru laukik kalank prachand paavak mahu jare;
Prabhu charit kaahu na lakhe, nabh sur siddh muni dekhahi khare.

(Remembering & cheering the victory of Lord Ram - the Lord of the Kaushal kingdom,
who is worshipped by Lord Shiv & whose feet are purely loved by Sitaji herself; Sitaji entered the burning woods which were as cool as sandal for her. Sitaji's secret shadow only burnt which was prone to be affected worldly pollutions & impurities and Lord's play couldn't be understood by anyone present over there and all Gods & achiever saints were stunned looking at this from the sky.)

[After Agnidev returning original Sitaji]

Dhari roop paavak paani gahi Shri satya shruti jag bidit jo;
Jimi ksheer saagar Indiraa Ramhi samarpi aani so;
So Ram baam bibhaag raajati ruchir ati sobha bhali;
Nav neel neeraj nikat maanahu kanak pankaj ki kali.

(Then after taking the human form, Fire God appeared and holding the hands of real Sitaji known to be symbol of truth by Vedas, he presented her to Shri Ram the way Ocean gifted Lakshmiji to Vishnu. Sitaji came and stood beside Shri Ram and she looked gorgeous & beautiful left side part of Lord; as if a golden lotus bud is shining near a fresh navy blue lotus.)

Jai Shri Ram.


  1. Can you please tell what is meant by

    "Sitaji's secret shadow only burnt which was prone to be affected worldly pollutions & impurities and Lord's play couldn't be understood by anyone present over there and all Gods & achiever saints were stunned looking at this from the sky."

    What is secret shadow being affected by wordly pollutions and impurities.

    1. I am really sorry for replying so late... Was inactive here for a long time...

      Coming to your question- In Ramchritmans ('Aranya kaand', between Doha 23 and 24), Tulsidasji conceived the idea of 'Chhaya Sita' (i.e.- a reflection of Original Sita mata), whom Shri Ram kept in the care of Agnidev during Vanvaas (i.e.- Aranya kaand). Which also means that the Sita abducted by Ravan was only a replica of Original Sita Mata.

      Later, during Agni pariksha sequence, Shri Ram asked Agnidev to return Original Mata Sita, and then He gets back her.

      This happening is narrated in the lines you quoted.

      'Secret shadow' is the replica of original Sita Mata. It can be affected by the effect of Maya (i.e.- 'worldly pollutions & impurities'). It got burnt and then we have the Pure (Original) 'roop' of Mata Sita.

      'Lord's play' (i.e.- this 'leela' of the Lord, regarding Sita Mata).

      I hope, now it is more clear :).

      If you have any other query, please feel free to comment here :)