Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan- The Beginning

Dear Friends, Since last one and half years I have been watching the TV Serial 'Ramayan' (sometime on Television and sometime on DVD) and finding Immense Bliss from it! It is truly the Nectar of Devotion!! Recently got this Inspiration ('prerna') from inside (i.e.- from the Lord) to write about my experiences about Ramayan... So, now I am here with this series :)... I 'll try to go through the epic as shown by Dr. Ramanand Sagar in his masterpiece- Ramayan.

The first sc opens with a Vishnu Stuti, which is my favourite since I watched it for the first time.
Here we have some sanskrit shlokas and a part from Tulsidasji's Ramcharitmanas- both are So sweet, So True- I just Love it! I also learnt the words in a few days! They are So memorable!! The Blue coloured Lord Vishnu is So Beautiful! I just get filled with Bliss while looking at the Lord in this scene! Here is the link of the video:

After that the gods come and pray to Lord Vishnu to save them from the atrocities of Raavan. Here we have Significant dialogue from Devguru Brihaspati that if we do not have Dharma to lean upon, then there will be disruption in the whole Creation! Each time any person decides to support Dharma in his personal life, it helps the Creation to flourish in the Proper way! I just love this part. Do watch this part at the end of the previous video a

nd in the beginning of this part

This logic truly sets the story in its track. We are able to understand the reason why Lord Vishnu took the form of Ram Avtaar. I loved this introduction to the story So Much that I watch this part many times.

Now the story Actually starts in the palace of King Dasharath, from where we will start in my next post.

Jai Shri Ram!

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  1. Really very blissful article of Ramayan's 1st episode! Enjoyed your writing a lot! I'm also a Ramayan-devotee like you & loved Lord Vishnu in that scene. My favorite part is where Mata Earth narrates her extreme pain due to Ravan's behavior! Love her dialog! & yes, this scene teaches us that we should never lose faith & love for God, as He knows our heart, He feels our pain, & HE WILL SAVE US FROM ALL DANGER! Whenever this universe will suffer due to demons HE WILL APPEAR & will establish the Dharm again, as He told in Geeta!