Monday, April 25, 2011

Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan(3)- The Childhood of Shri Ram

Now we have the childhood scenes of Shri Ram along with his brothers- a Blissful song describing the childhood of Shri Ram, 'Thumaka Chalata', Y/T link-

Here is a nice conversation between Shivji and Parvati, do watch it! It expresses all the 'characteristics' and the 'Aim' of Shri Ram Avtaar in such a nice way! And also tells us about the birth of Hanumaanji!

And after that we have another Beautiful song where the mothers are waking up the babies- 'Jaago nayno ke taare', Y/T link:

This song has the Kaikeyi and Bharat in the second stanza and I just LOVE to watch it again and again!The way 'Rajni beeti bhor bhayi' upto 'Kangnaa ke jhankaare' is enacted, we get such a nice idea about the relation of Bharat with Kaikeyi! I become very very sad while thinking about the future course of events and the bitter relation between Bharat and Mata Kaikeyi while watching this sc..s
The next the stanza of this song is with Sumitra and Lakshman-Shatrughna - it is another sweet scene! I cannot describe the emotions which I go through while watching them!

This song has always been my one of the Most favourite songs of Ramayan from the time I started to watch it properly for the first time in 2009.

Another link of this sc:

Then we have some fleeting scenes of Shri Ram's childhood, where he is playing with his brothers and the Mothers are feeling Contented while looking at them. Next King Dasharath announces about the 'Yagyopovit sanskaar' of the boys and Guru Vashishtha takes them to the Gurukul. From where we'll start in my next post.

Link of this episode:

Jai Shri Ram!

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  1. Really loved reading this, didi! The childhood episode is really very touching because it's a happy scene, & we can see only a few happy scenes in Ramayan. This scene in which the queens try to awake their divine kids, I watched it for numerous times! Loved the sweet song to bits! It's a divine song for me, full of Batsalya bhakti rasa! Enjoyed each mother-child relation, & yes, of course Kaikeyi-Bharat!But I can't think about their tragic future while watching this sweet scene. I want to enjoy every little moment of each happy scene of Ramayan, as we have very few of them. So I try to forget the future tragedy.
    Also love the child Ramji. His sweet dialogs express him as a normal human boy who is very close to us. The scene in which the four boys are trying to get most number of mangoes always makes me smile! I wish this Baal-leela should be more longer, but it ends very quickly! :( Before upanayan sanskaar, where Shatrughna asked whether lori is heard in Gurukul or not, & Kaikeyi loughs affectionately, Ram promises to sing lori for his dear little brother, it's a very well-planned family scene. Ramanand Sagar could feel the essence of that great family very truly! We offer koti koti pranaam to this divine family, whose love created an epic like Ramayan!