Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan(2)- The Birth of Shri Ram

Now we have the actual story :)- it begins with a worship of the 'Sun God' (the presiding god of Sun Dynasty- 'Surya vansh'), by Kulguru Vashishtha and King Dashrath along with his three Queens. The pain of childless life is unbearable, so Vashishtha tells Dashrath to go to Rishyashringa Muni for the 'Putrakaameshti yagna'.

Now we have the First song of Ramayan- 'Chala ek Raja'- (if we consider the 'Vishnu Stuti', posted in my prev post as an introduction only)... :). The Earnestness in the eyes of Dashrath is Soo Overwhelming!

Here is the YouTube link of the song

This song is divided into many parts, Dashrath's plea, Rishyashringa Muni's approval, the yagna, the conception of Shri Ram and his brothers by the three queens, the birth and the celebration in Ayodhya. All of them are Sooo Blissful that I watch (and listen) it again and again...

After this scene, we have the 'Naamkaran Ceremony' of Shri Ram and His Brothers- Guru Vashishtha names them- Ram, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughna. That scenes says it all! The way Guru Vashishtha says that 'the name Ram is capable to spread Happiness to the whole universe'- is indeed Blissful!And the way Mata Kaikeyi uttars these words- "Mere Ram!" - we cannot even think that this lady will be overpowered by vices in future! Her emotion towards Shri Ram was So Sponataneous here!

The video of this scene:

In my next post I'll start with the childhood of the Lord.

Jai Shri Ram!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this dear didi! I extremely LOVE this scene, specially King Dasharath & the three queens! They are blessed because LORD LOVES THEM, & they were going to be the most happiest parents in the universe! Whenever I watch this scene, I feel a GREAT PLEASURE for my dear Lord's arrival! I feel really impatient for that holy moment! Enjoyed the Dasharath's approach to Rishyashringa, & yes, LOVE Guru Vasistha's advise to the king where he advised him to meet the great sage very humbly & not to express royalty to a Dharmatma! Love it! So true!
    Yes, LOVE the whole Ramnavami scene, I love to note the close shot of the Lord, His Chakra & Lord Shesh Naag before their birth! We can easily realize who has incarnated as which baby! Love the direction process!
    Now about naming ceremoney, I always feel the parent's love towards their children in this scene! The way Dasharathji utters 'Ram' really pleases me! How a great devotee he was! & his devotion was 'Batsalya-bhakti', the devotion full of fatherly/motherly affection! Love all three queens there, specially Sumitra Mata, as she became happy to learn about her two children's future. We can realize that she will easily allow her children to follow Ram & Bharat whenever it will be necessary!