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Neelkanth Yatra: A Film on Swami Narayan

Dear Friends,

Last Sunday we went to Akshardham Temple, Delhi, (it is actually Akshardham Cultural Complex Smile) and enjoyed the visit in the Spiritual and Historical world. We watched a film named 'Neelkanth Yatra'- which just amazed me with its deep Spiritual Message. That is the reason I wanted to write about it here in our Forum, so that all the members can get an idea about and can catch it in future whenever they get a chance.

This film is about the visit of India's different places by the young Neelkanth, a boy of around 12 years- one night, who just left his house, his family for a spiritual quest, and became the Spiritual Guru Swaminarayan after growing up. I was Touched by the journey of this child through the dense forests, snowy mountains, crowded cities! And his interactions with the people are so Meaningful ones! Just want to share some of the Significant dialogues from the film:

- When some women saw him meditating alone under a tree in a jungle, they asked him about his home, his parents. Then he answered:- "Mai to apni ghar me hi hoon". And pointing towards the forest he said- "Yeh mera ghar hi to hai". The way he considered the Whole Creation as a Unified Whole and Appreciated it- is just beyond words!

- When a priest in Haridwar asked him to stay with them, Neelkanth answered-"Agar baadal bhi ghar banaane lage, to baaki srishti to sukh jayegi, na?" This emphasized his approach to continue his journey and also showed us that he is concerned about the Whole Creation!

- One day, as the boy reached a monastery and the main priest told him to take shelter inside the monastery as a lion kept roaming around the village at night. Then the boy answered-: "Kya math ki andar mrityu pravesh nahi kar sakta? Jeevan ki prati Moh hi Bhay ka kaaran hai. Jahan Moh nahi, wahan bhay bhi nahi. Jis din maine apna ghar chhodha, ussi din Darr ne bhi mujhe chhodh diya". I was just moved after realizing the Truth in these words!

At night, the lion came and he tamed it with his approach which was full of Love. After knowing about this incident, the Priest asked him to stay in the monastery forever. But then he answered- "Jab aap Sabhi se prem karoge, to mujh hi se prem karoge, mai to Sab me hi hoon". Saying this he started his journey for the next destination!

- One day a Tantrik tried to put him in trouble but Neelkanth's magic worked on him and he bacame a changed human being! After that Neelkanth said- "Guru tumhari sachchi roop ka pratiphalan hota hai. Uski aankho me hi tum apni asli roop dekh paate ho…" and told him to cultivate the Goodness already present in him (which he forgot because of the influence of Maya/Evil on him).

- Neelkanth also explained that we, human beings are like Iron, which sinks in water, but if we attach ourselves with wood (which floats in the water), we will be able to cross this Spiritual Joureney (Bhav sansaar). This is the importance of Satsang in our life.

Silence is a way to reach the Truth. It is conveyed again and again throughout the whole film. Many of the scenes, we can see that Neelkanth is sitting with 'perfect poise', a 'composed self', 'complete in itself'. He talks only when it is needed, otherwise he keeps Silent, which lets him dwell in the 'Ultimate Truth' always.

Another point which I have often felt, is that the Nature is anther agent through which we can connect with the 'vital energy of the Creation'. Here, many scenes are shot in the jungles, they give us an idea how Neelkanth realised the 'sameness of Spirit' throughout the 'Whole Creation'! He was 'ekaatma' with the Nature because he experienced the 'oneness of the Spirit'!

I loved both theses above topics very much in the movie. They generate the emotion of 'Bliss' and 'Peace' in us, which are the essential motivating factors in any person pursuing the Spiritual path.

The child who acted as 10 yr old Neelkanth and the young Neelkanth- both have captured the Graveness in his character. And the Photography is just fabulous along with the Music!! They all combine to create the Magic!

I do not know anything about Swaminarayan and his philosophies in detail, but the way this film portrayed the message, it has beene such an Overwhelming experience for me!! I am just living in it since that day! The message is so Powerful!!

The way I felt is that, it really does not matter whether you are a devotee of Sagun-Sakaar roop of the Lord or the Nirgun-Nirakaar roop. The element which matters most is the Sincere Devotion. That Sincererity is the secret and it starts working wonders if you are truly Devoted to the Ideal! They all are one and the same! As they all lead to the Truth which is beyond words, it is only to be Realised!

This film reminded me of the famous Sanskrit film Adi Shankaracharaya by G V Iyer, where our Sarva Daman Banerjee acted in the role of Shankaracharya. That film also had the same effect on my mind! I always get immersed in the message after watching such films! They just uplift me from this world, this existence of ours and take me to the height of Spirituality. That's why I love to watch them again and again.

Hope you are not bored after reading this lengthy post of mine Embarrassed. I guess, all the Akshardham Temples around the world show this film in their premises, So if anyone can get a chance, you can have this experience! That's why thought to write soooo much about it Smile

This is what the Wikipedia says this about the Film: "The theatre shows a film specially commissioned for the complex, Neelkanth Yatra, to recount a seven-year pilgrimage made by Swaminarayan made during his teenage years throughout India. Mystic India, an international version of the film called, was released in 2005 at IMAX theatres and giant screen cinemas worldwide."

Now time for some links Big smile, which I have found about it while searching the net:

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  1. no one cn ever feel bored while reading such a post..... posts should be meaningful like this one..... no matter how long they are, they still make u feel happy.... :)
    when i watched this movie, i was 11..... it left me mesmerized too....

  2. @ Shyam,

    Thanks :)

    @ Hansika,

    So True Dear!! It is indeed a Wonderful film! A Must Watch for all!! Thanks for your encouraging words :)