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Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan(5)- Nice Family Moments and The Arrival of Rishi Vishwamitra

In our last post we saw Shri Ram along with His brother come back to Rajprasad from the Gurukul of Sage Vashishth. The Mothers were very very eager to meet their sons after a long time! Guru Vashishtha trakes them at first to Raja Dashrath and then the Queens also come. The meeting is an emotional one! I Love to see this part again and again! The way Shri Ram meeta Mata Kaikeyi and Mata Sumitra before meeting Mata Kaushalya expresses the ‘Maturity’ in the relation of the Mother-Son. They understoood each other so well!! Mata Kaushalya is always the last person Shri Ram comes to meet! I just love this Special Understanding, the Special bond, the Repect they have for each other! Simply Overwhelming!

You can watch these sc.s from the end of this links:

And it continues:

We have some very sweet family moments here, the Mothers guiding the servants to apply proper uptan to all the four Princes and after that, all of them take their food together.

Then at night Dashrath comes to the door of the room where Shri Ram is sleeping and looks at Him! The way he ‘keeps on’ looking at His beloved son is sooo Emotional! We can FEEL that his life is solely dependent on his son! His conversation with Kaushalya- about their loving son is very very sweet!! This sc is another evidence of Dashrath's Love for Shri Ram! Many more of such sc.s are also there in later episodes depicting this very Special Bond which was the very ‘life breath’ of Dashrath!

Now we have a development in the storyline, i.e.- we see Sage Vishwamitra for the first time here, who will be present in the events till the end of Baalkand. So here we see that the Sage with his followers are perfoming sacrificial rites (yagna which gets disrupted by Rakshasaas, like Subaahu, Mareech. To perform the yagna are important for the ‘Welfare of the Society/ Creation’. So, Vishwamitra decides to take the help of Raja Dashrath.

He visits the royal court and when Dashrath suggests about sending army with him, he says- "abhi uske liye uchit samay nahi hai"- this dialogue is very very significant as we will notice the 'uchit samay' in the furute course of events. For now, Vishwamitra wanted Shri Ram only to guard their yagna.

Here we also have some dialogues from Vashishtha along with Vishwamitra about the 'true identity' (swaroop) of Shri Ram and bout his capabilities. We get this dialogue- “Ram ka naam Dharam aur Sanskriti ka pehchaan banker amar avinaashi bana rahega”- from Vashishtha her. But Dasharath is unaware of this truth. For him Shri Ram is only his son. At first, Dasharath was apprehensive about letting Ram go with Sage Vishwamitra, as he got attached to ‘Putra-moh'- but later Rishi Vashishstha reminds him about his ‘duties as a king’ and he decides to let his son go to kill the demons.

In this context, here we have another short sc following this one, where Dasharath discusses with Kaikeyi about the ‘Duties of a king’. She starts to condemn the ‘detached’ approach of the sages. Here Dashrath explains how the ‘Whole Creation/ the Society’ is the Family of the Sages. They are ‘beyond any borders/ limitations’, beyond any bondage as they ‘belong to all’. All are dear to them! They have this ‘Broad Vision’, which includes the whole creation in it! So, they should have Faith on the Sages while leaving Shri Ram in his care. Dashrath also explained how he experienced the ‘dharma sankat’ beween the role of a ‘father’ and the role of a ‘king’ while taking the decision about Ram. But he realized that the ‘duties of a king’ is more important, Here, it relates to the prev sc. Really loved this short sc!

In Ramayan, the stress is always given on ‘Dharma’ or the ‘ways’ of the Dharma as well as ‘proper Respect for the Sages, Virtues, Religion’ ( i.e.- ‘Sanatam Dharma’). RSji has explained their POV in many many sc.s after this, mainly in aranya kand sc.s, will write about that later. That is the reason why I prefer to watch RSji’s works and suggest others also to watch them as- we cannot live our life without Dhrama and to understand Dharma, we have to look at all these sc.s closely ard extract the messege from them. Ramayan is indeed a Masterpiece as it analyses all theses situations with the ‘correct approach’.

The Vishwamitra sequence starts from this link:

And continues thr' this link:

In my next post, we'll start with the journey of Shri Ram and Lakshman with Sage Vishwamitra.

Jai Shri Ram!

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