Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bigolito Koruna Janhobi Jomuna- Bengali Film

This is Bengali film which is based on a journey towards Kedarnaath and Badrinath. It has a group of pilgrims who are going to visit the shrines to fulfil their wishes. The main Protagonist, (played by Shubhendu Chatterjee) is going there only to observe the journey, the different aims and the tries to understand the purpose of this journey.

The film is very very rich in music. Pankaj Kumar Mullick has done such a marvellous job here that you'll only have to listen to it one. After that the tunes/ shlokas will keep on repeating themselves in your mind. The 'Charaaibeti' is one of the most used shloka here. There are other chants also. The theme music throughout the whole film is sooo Blissful and Divine!

The narrator meets the family where the elder sister is going for the welfare of her husband and the younger sister is going to correct her mistake- once she showed her disrespect towards God and lost the power of her legs. The hero follows her and they start sharing their views, accepteach other as companions and start the journey for the final phase.

There they face a snow storm and gets buried under the snow. The last sc of the film just freezes the shot. I liked that effect. It tells us that the end is actually endless...

Faith is one of the chief theme of this story. The hero wants to have Faith in this rituals/ journey towards the shrine, but he does not have enough. The heroine never had faith in God, but after losing her strength, she realises her mistake and decides to undertake the pilgrimage. In the course of the journey, she gets her strength back (really a nice sc) and the hero watches her, empathizes with her journey. In the last sc, we find that the hero realises the element of faith from the heroine only. He finds it in the eyes of her and that moment gets freezed, it becomes eternal!!

Really a nice movie. The shooting has been done in the original locations, so you'll get the flavour of the original journey in the mountains, the tough climbing, the typical setting of a 'choti' to take rest, the different characters, whom we meet during the journey, each of them has a story, the naarator obsereves them and gather the experiences, learns from them and moves ahead. Very very beautiful to realise Spirituality thr' the nature, thr' the journey, (which can be termed as a 'spiritual journey' undertaken by each individual), thr' the music, thr' the river, thr' the characters... Really a nice experience!!

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