Friday, June 28, 2013

'Meera' (1947)- Hindi Film on the life of Meerabai

Dear Friends, today I am going to tell you about very special film- 'Meera', which was made way back in 1947 and the surprising fact is that the famous classical singer M S Subbhalakshmi played the role of Meera in this film.

At first, this film was made in a south Indian language, in the year 1945. After seeing its success there,  a Hindi version of the film was also releasd in 1947, with reshooting some of the scenes in Vrindavan, Dwarka, Chitor and some other places. So some of the scenes have dubbing over the original south Indian language, and some scenes have direct Hindi dialogues.

All the songs are sung by M S Subbhalakshmi herself, as we can expect. The intensity of Meera's devotion can be felt thr' each of the songs. The music is typical of that time, slow and classical based. 

This Black and White film was directed by Mr. Ellis R Dungan. , who was originally not from India but came to India and made many films while staying in this country.

The film portarays Meera's journey very nicely, we can feel her emotions, her longing for the Lord and at last, her merging with the Lord!!

Now let me tell you how I came to know about this film. Recently, it was shown on DD National or DD Bharti on a Sunday (may be) night, from 10 pm. It was just a  coincidence that I tuned that channel at 11 pm and watched the film till its end at 12:30 am. Loved it indeed!!!

Then next day I searched about the film on the internet and here are the links of all those article/ videos which I have got. You'll be able to know many more facts about the film by visiting all these pages-

Here is a beautiful and elaborate blog post on the film, great writing by the author of that blog-

'M. S. Subbulakshmi’s Hindi Meera (1947)'

If we search YT with the words- "meera 1947 full movie hindi", we get these results-

List of songs and some lyrics are available here -

 Listen to Audio version of ALL the songs-

A report (video)

A Report (written)

Download some audio songs from here-

It is really sad that that Hindi version of this film is not there on YouTube, only the Tamil version is there. We will be very happy if someone uploads the Hindi version of the movie there.

Do watch it if you have a chance, anywhere.

And also you can always listen to the songs online, from thoses links given above.

With lots of Love for all,

Jai Shri Krishna.

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  1. GREAT! MADAM, I TOO AM BADLY IN NEED OF THE HINDI VERSION. . LUCKILY, alaknanda2007 ( Cenema corridor that you have mentioned ) had extracted almost all the 17 glorious video song clips and uploaded to youtube. Oflate, saregama is blocking or muting those gems. Idiotic policy and an affront to BARATH RATHAN MS. ... I have been a longtime devotee of MS and had a collection of all her 78 RPM records. May I invite you to have a look at created by me giving the video clips in sequence? To prevent saregama meddling, I have given them as mp4 files.
    Can I have your help in getting the translation in english of these songs? I need translation of two bajans of MS as early as 1945.. ( mainirguniya and ram milan ke) Shall I send them to you for listening and translation?

  2. Hello RSR, Really sorry for replying after a long time. Thank you so much for your appreciation. Truly, we all should try to preserve these golden treasures :)

    You have done such a great work in your blog :), today I visited the page and was very happy to found your post on the film.

    Yes I will definitely try to help you in translating the songs. Do send them or the links.

    Jai Shri Krishna.