Thursday, June 13, 2013

'Shyam Ghanashyam tumi dukhobhonjan'- Bengali song on Shri Krishna

Now we have another song on Shri Krishna, which is sung by Asha Bhonsle. This is a prayer to the Lord, it tells us about the beauty of the Lord, about His 'Karuna' for His devotees, that He completely eliminates sorrow from our life. The song also laments that we tend to forget the Lord, forget to feel grateful, but still, He knows about the innermost feelings of our heart. He is the Almighty. Anything can happen if He wishes so! So we pay our salutations to Him repeatedly.

I don't know about the lyricist or composer of this song. 

Here are the nice lyrics-

Shyam Ghonoshyam tumi dukhobhonjon
Pronaam raakhi tobo paaye, tobo paaye.

Shyam monohar adhare bongshi dhoro
Dole dole dole monobaan (?)
Shire mukut shobha mukh koto monolobha 
Oporupo nayan bishal
Bhajan bina din britha chole jaaye,
Pronaam raakhi tobo paaye, tobo paaye.

Shyam Ghonoshyam tumi dukhobhonjon....

Ki bolibo ami Antarjaami
Jaano tumi praaner kotha
Monobaashona Probhu
Bhulini to ami kobhu
Achhe kichhu moner betha
Shob e hote paare Naath tomari kripaay,
Pronaam raakhi tobo paaye, tobo paaye.

Shyam Ghonoshyam tumi dukhobhonjon...

And you can listen to the song here. Song number 34 in this page:-

There are many more devotional songs on Shri Krishna in that page.

Enjoy :)

Jai Shri Krishna.

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