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Kanho Banyo Common Man- A serial on Colors Gujarati

These days I am watching a Gujarati serial named ‘Kanho Banyo Common Man’. It is a nice serial which tells the story of Krishna as a common human being on earth. A young person (Gopal) meets Krishna after his death and complains of his untimely death. Krishna accepts the challenge given by Gopal to come to earth (without any special power) and lead the life of a common man.

Many incidents from our daily life are shown in the serial. I really love those scenes in which Gopal (the role played by Krishna) explains many concepts to the family members or to his friends, from the point of view of spirituality. The values which are conveyed by those scenes are really nice. Those scenes seem like coming directly from Shri Krishna J

Though I do not understand the language completely, still I get an idea about the main points of all the scenes

Here I am trying to note down some of the points covered by Gopal-

# During Rakshabandhan, he made a gift for his dear sister which had the pictures of both the brothers (Gopal and Bhupesh) and a mirror where their sister Kokila can see her own face, along with her two brothers J.

# In one episode, Gopal explained how fasting helps our body and why it is necessary.

# In a track which dealt with smuggling of alcohol, Gopal exclaimed if only people would try to read the Geeta instead of using it only for swearing in the court…

# Gopal explained about Puraan, how they present an ideal life which the society can follow, in one of the episodes.

# He also explained about Krishna’s leela with Gopis to his friend Geetika, when she asked Gopal about vastraharan leela of the Lord.

# During Randhan Chhath (along with Naag panchami, Shitala Satam-  all the Panch parv) Gopal explained why we worship the kitchen, how any food made with a pure heart can be considered as a prasaad and how the food made with any kind of negativity and selfishness in mind, loses its vitality. Why sharing is necessary for the society was also discussed.

 I remembered the 12th and 13th  shlok of Chapter 3 of Gita, while watching the episode.

  [ Ishtaan bhogaan hi vo devaa daasyante yajnabhaavitaah
    Tair dattaan apradaayaibhyo yo bhungkte stena eva sah // 3.12 //

    Devas, cherished by the sacrifice, will give you the desired objects. Indeed, he who
    enjoys objects given by the Devas without offering in return to them is verily a thief.

    Yajnashishtaashinah santo muchyante sarva kilbishaih
    Bhunjate te twagham paapaa ye pachantyaatma kaaranaat // 3.13 //

The righteous who eat the remnants of the sacrifice are freed from all sins; but those
sinful ones who cook food only for their own sake, verily eat sin.  ]

# Once the Mehta family (Gopal’s family) arranged a Satyanarayan Puja in their home. I enjoyed that episode so much!! Gopal was surprised that he had to worship himself J.

He took the name of Sage Sandipani as his teacher.

He also realsed the bliss which a devotee feels when he worships his ‘aaradhya’.

That track was very very special.

# In one of the episodes, he taught a neighbour- Durjan Singh, why following the Truth is always better than indulging in any wrong ways.

# Once there was a lady named Satyabhama in a track. Gopal was very surprised to know her name and almost exclaimed aloud that- ‘this is the name of my wife’ J

# Recently they had a Geeta Shlok Pathan Competition. During one of those episodes, Gopal recited the shlokas from Chapter 10, like

  [ Ahamaatmaa gudaakesha sarvabhootaashayasthitah
    Ahamaadishcha madhyam cha bhootaanaamanta eve cha // 10.20 //
  I am the Self, O Gudakesa, seated in the hearts of all beings; I am the beginning, the
  middle and also the end of all beings

   Aadityaanaamaham vishnur jyotishaam raviramshumaan
   Mareechirmarutaamasmi nakshatraanaamaham shashee // 10.21 //
Among the (twelve) Adityas I am the Vishnu ; among the luminaries, the radiant sun; I
  am Marichi among the winds; among the stars I am the moon.]

And also to teach an egoistic person a lesson, Gopal recited many more famous shlokas from Geeta.

I enjoyed those episodes very much.

In that track, Gopal explained that in comparison to memorizing the shlokas of Geeta without realizing their meaning, helping others or serving the society is better as any such action show the application of the teachings of Geeta.

In this track, the parents of Gopal wanted to test the knowledge of their son  by asking him questions on scriptures- that sc was so humuorous!!

# Around November, a track was going on about a devotee, who used to sing in the nearby temple of Gopal’s house. I was loving the track, the way Gopal was appreciating the sincere devotion in the voice of the singer, but those days I became busy and could not watch it L

#  Once a track was there where they prepared a play named ‘Kanho Shaano Chhaano Maano’. There Gopal got the role of Duryodhan J J.  So surpising! I laughed so much watching the fun! And Gopal’s elder brother Bhupesh, got the role of Krishna.  There Gopal also conveyed some dialogues with sincerity which was loved by all, but I could not understand the meaning of that scene.

# One day Gopal explained to her sister-in-law about our religion and why we should never leave it, as she was discussing the same topic with one of her friends.

# During Diwali I think, Gopal explained the true meaning of Dhanteras. How Devi Lakshmi also brings peace and prosperity along with riches. So only money is not enough, peace and properity are also the attributes of Devi Lakshmi, which most people forget easily, and keep on praying for more and more money to the Goddess.

# Now the track which was the latest and I enjoyed to core of my heart. It was about a girl named Miraande who has come to India from abroad. She was interested in Hindu rituals and wanted to do a research on Shri Krishna. Gopal explained the concepts of Aarti, tilak, about bell of the temple and many more rituals which we follow in our daily life. All those scene were very nice.

Then Miraande told Gopal about her understanding regarding Mahabharat characters as a proof of evolution of life on earth. She considers Kunti to be mother earth. Karn to be the first living being. Yudhishthir = Intellect, Bheem= Energy, Arjun= Mind , Nakul and Sehdev= Hands and legs. Gopal was very surprised to hear such a theory and appreciated her.

Later Miraande felt the call of the Lord in her heart and wanted to leave the sansaar and Gopal explained to her that she can  continue with her normal  life and simultaneously can be devoted to the Lord. All the knowledge received from Gopal elevated Miraande to a new level J.

This track was very sweet, it touched my heart. God Himself resides in the heart of a pure devotee. It was evident from this track.

- These are some of the scenes/ tracks which I could remember now. Many more good scenes are there in all the daily episodes.

Very nice effort from the Production Company. I do not know the names of all the artists, but came to know about the name of Mayank Pancal in the title role. I also like the actress who plays the mother of Gopal. She is a sweet and affectionate lady J

With lots of best wishes

Jai Shri Krishna.

(Geeta Shlokas taken from E- Samskriti website. Photo taken from internet, credit goes to the uploaders. Used only for the purpose of spreading devotion.)

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