Friday, January 8, 2016

PK (2014)- Hindi Film

As soon as we take the name of PK, all the controversies come into our mind. Many of them spread by the people who themselves haven't watched it, but only have heard about the plot of the film. Today I thought to write about the points which I liked while watching PK.

A 'being' from another planet observing us and trying to make sense of the activities of the society - the plot is a creative one. I remember the film 'Gods Must Be Crazy'- while watching it, as that film also captures the nuiances of civilization, very beautifully. 'Gods Must be Crazy' is also one of my favourite film :).

Coming back to PK. We start to feel Oneness with PK, when he tells his story to Jaggu, in a police lock up. Then we realise how tough a journey it has been for him. A person not able to understand the language of the land where he is, losing the connection with his own planet, how desperate a state he has been into!!

He narrates about his journey from one place of God to another (temple, Church, Mosque) and so on. The difficulties faced by him in understanding the  different rituals of various religions, as a result, very naturally, the confusions experienced by him, trying everything to impress Bhagwaan and still being unable to do so - all these scenes touch us because of their realistic portrayal. We feel it can happen around us. They are so true!! A being who does not know the systems/rituals, will feel the same as PK. The scene when PK comes to the place where the idol of Ma Durga was being made and earnestly asks Her to help him- that scene touched me so much! Also the lyrics of the song - "Bhagwaan, hai kahan re tu" are so true, in such a mental state!

The credit of the director lies that all these serious issues are dealt with many many light-hearted funny scenes. Audience get the message not through serious situations but through direct practical day to day scenes.  And we also keep on smiling throughout the whole film :).

PK terming different religions as 'company', searching for 'thappa' on new borns, giving a practical example how faith can be used to earn profit (exam day- college gate scene), dressing different people in different attire, referring to his theory of 'wrong number', thinking that Bhagwaan does our work according to the payments made by us and his action of taking refund from temples- all these scenes make us laugh. As well as they are a satire on the social system. The core values of all religions are the same. Limited or wrong interpretation makes all the difference... So much so that all the religions SEEM different from each other to us!...  But if one goes deep into the theories of any religion and reflect on it, the conclusion he/she will reach, will be the same in each case.  

The self helping attitude of PK teaches us that in any difficult situation, we should keep on trying with different approaches. If our search is true, then God will help us definitely, in the same way as PK got the help of Jaggu later :).

True Love is another theme which runs parallel to the theme of religion and faith, throughout the whole film. The way PK shows selfless love for Jaggu, helps her and at last leaves her free before going back to his planet- teaches the essence of Love. That is, to empower and to set free :)

Also PK's love/ concern for the whole mankind is shown in his actions/ plans after he meets Jaggu. He becomes eager to tear away the veil of lies used by so called heads of different religions (like Tapasviji in the film). He wants to bring a relief to common man that if proper help is not coming from their gurudev (master), they can help each other. And that would be enough. That concern of PK about the society, was out of the Humane qualities in him. The innocence, kindness and the quick-wit of PK are portrayed beautifully by Aamir Khan.

Another thing which attracted me in this movie is that the shooting of many scenes were done in Delhi. We can actually see many of Delhi's famous places throughout the film. So watching the film was like touring various places of Delhi :) :). 

Overall a good film with nice messages which make us think about many issues.

Jai Shri Krishna. 

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