Friday, August 26, 2016

Bawarchi (1972)- Hindi Film

Dear Friends, today I am writing about the famous film - Bawarchi, by  Hrishikesh Mukherjee. An enjoyable movie with a great messege about how we can live hapily. Everyone knows about the film :), so much has already been written :) :). Now I am just noting down the points which I enjoyed while watching it again now.

I liked the unique beginning where a red curtain is shown and the narrration of the title credit is read out by Amitabh Bachchan. So creative :) :). After that, playing the role as a  Sutradhar of Sanskrit plays, Amitji introduces us with the characters of 'Shaanti Nivaas' (the name of the residence where the characters of the film live). 

All of us are made of many elements, many emotions. Each of us have different nature from others. So it is quite difficult to run a family or a society or a nation smoothly. This is true even for the inmates of 'Shaanti Nivaas'. All persons having different nature, priorities, aspirations - gradually became self centred and indifferent to others.

Here takes place the entry of the new Bawarchi - Raghu, who, as if transforms the house into a heaven on earth!!! Which astonishes us is the way he does it. It appears to be so so simple! But before watching the movie most of us haven't thought about it! Here lies the greatness of the story - Tapan Sinha and the expertise of direction by Hrishikesh Mukherjee, that we get so nice a message through the mode of entertainment of watching a movie :).

Many many scenes of the film are memorable!! The way Raghu teaches them to help others by doing their work also, along with one's own work, the way he tells and makes them experience that we become happy by making others happy. All invaluable lessons about life!!

He takes care of Krishna, gives power/ authority to the old Shiva Prasad and also asks him to use it :). He makes Mita free of her ego regarding dance and teaches her to be humble. The two sister in laws start feeling affection and respect for each other, the start taking care and serving each other :) :). The two elder brothers become loving again. The happiness which Raghu creates in the house starts changing the members and their relations. We can notice the changes which come in them during the course of the story.

The reason behind all these was the selfless and devoted service of Raghu. About which we come to know at the end of the story. Raghu had such a great aim in his life!!! When he realised and experienced true happiness, he did not kept it only to himself. He wanted to spread it to all, so decided to serve mankind in the way he can, using his abilities of Knowledge, Music, Dance and Cooking. This whole-hearted dedication of Raghu in his life's mission is evident from all his actions. That is the reason he can enter any household as a Bawarchi and show his magic on all the members of the house, to make them better human being, to create a better/ happy place to live in. It is as if he has the constant flow of energy within him, a fountain of Happiness. Which pushes him to do all the work, teaching lessons about life and remaining happy all the time. Such a wonderful character! So much to learn from him, just by observing him, along with all the life philosophy he teaches us :) :).

I am at a loss of words while writing about the film. It has touched the core of my heart with its simplicity and dedication. The motivation which we can feel when we go deep into the character of Raghu, can take us so much ahead in life!! True spirit of God is there in the endless motivation to do good to others, serve others, teaching them the proper way to lead a meaningful life. 

All the songs are melodious. Music is by Madan Mohan. 

Do watch the film to feel the true happiness which is within all of us :) 

Jai Shri Krishna.

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