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Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan (11) - Sita Swayamvar (Part 1)


After more than one and half years, today I have returned with some more sequences from 'Ramayan' :). 

Last time we saw Siya-Ram first meeting at the Pushp vaatika. Now we will attend the Swayamvar of Sita Mata :).

Now as a preparation for the grand Swayamvar sabha, we have a few short scenes, where Mata Sita is getting ready for the ceremony and on the other hand, Shri Ram and Lakshman talk about the grand event  which will take place in the next day. In the morning, Guru Vishwamitra asks Shri Ram And Lakshman to come with him to the swayambar hall.

The whole sequence from now on is filled with Soul Stirring Music. It is very natural for the audience to get immersed in the Bliss of  this sequence and tasting the Nectar of Devotion! So, I will also try to write a line or two about each song in this sequence.

Now we are in the sabha, where many kings are already seated, discussing about the Shivadhanush, Raja Janak enters the hall with Kulguru Shatanand.

Then Guru Vishwamitra along with Shri Ram and Lakshman enter the hall, and we have the beautiful part quoted from 'RamCharitManas' (RCM)--

'Rajkunvar tehi avsar aaye,...'

- where we get the idea that all the persons present in the sabha are mesmerised by the beauty of the two brothers. They shinning like the bright moon among the stars. 

And here we have the famous line- 

'Jinki rahi bhaavana jaisi, prabhu murati tin dekhi taisi'

- which says a lot about the way anyone can ‘perceive’ the Lord or experience Him in his/ her life. The Lord  appears to the person in the same form as ‘wished’ by the devotee :). Such a Great Great Compassion of the Lord!!! 

[The same theme can be seen in the other great TV Series by Shri Ramanand Saagarji- ‘Shri Krishna’, where Krishna comes to kill Kans. In that sequence,  we have the song- ‘Kaandhe liye gajdant...'- which also shows us how many different ways the Lord is being ‘perceived' by the persons present in the sabha of Kans. Beautiful scene!!!!]

Now coming back to the Swayamvar :)…. 

Seeing the glorious appearance of Shri Ram, now the guests start to discuss about Him.

After all the guests have arrived, King Janak greets the guests and then orders to bring Mata Sita to the Sabha. Here we have these linesfrom RCM-

'Jani su-avsaru Siye tab, pathai janak bolaai,...'

This song tells us that after getting the instruction from her father Sita comes to the sabha along her sakhis. The beauty of ‘Jagat Janani Mata Sita’ creates a magic over all the persons present there. But the eyes of Mata Sita search only for Shri Ram and after seeing him near Muni Vishwamitra, she feels relieved. RCM lines- ‘Muni sameep dekhe dou bhaai, lage lalaki lochan nidhi paai’


As she cannot look at Shri Ram in front of all the elders, so she keeps him in her heart –

‘Gurujan laaj, samaaju bad, dekhi Siya sakuchaani;
Lagi bilokan sakhin tan, Raghuveer hi ur aani.’

Such a beautiful scene!!! You need to see it to FEEL the emotions of the characters...

Next we have the singers/ bards who come to the sabha and tell us about the glorious ancestors of Raja Janak. They praise all of them along with the present king in such a way that expresses that how much the ‘prajaajan’ love their king!! Very very nice expressions and emotions potrayed about the supremacy and generosity of the royal house of Mithila!!!

They also tell us about the challenge of the king that the person who will be able to string the Shivadhanush, will win the hand of his daughter- Raajkumari Sita.

Now the actual contest begins. Many kings try but no one is able to lift the bow. 

Queen Sunayna feels distressed and starts worrying about the future of her daughter. Her sister in laws comforts and tells her to wait with patience.   

Here many great lines from RCM have been used, which tell us that the wise kings did not even touch the bow knowing it to be beyond their capacity. But some proud king tried and failed and it seemed that after each failed attempt, the Shivadhanush took away all their strength (i.e.- strength of the kings’) and became more and more heavy with passing time...

After such horrible performances from the kings of different states, Raja Janak becomes very depressed and expresses his frustration that now the whole ‘Aaryavarta’ is devoid of producing any true warrior! The world will ridicule him for organizing such a failed event!!.... Now if he breaks his promise, his honour will be lost. On the other hand, if he keeps his promise, then his daughter will remain unmarried for the whole life. Such a dilemma for him!

Lakshman hears all this and starts protesting, saying that Raghukul members have always proved their worth in the past, such words by the king challenges them. His elder brother, is alone capable of doing any work which seems impossible for others. 

King Janak feels sorry about his own words and says he never intended to hurt their feelings. 

Now Sage Vishwamitra thinks that it is the proper time for Shri Ram to go to the challenge and he orders Shri Ram to string the bow and bring smile to the sad face of the king. Now starts another BEAUTIFUL song sequence- ‘Vishwamitra samay shubh jaani…,' which is again taken from the dohas of Shri Ram Charit Manas. Memorable words by Tulsidasji!! It tells us that after getting the order of his guru, how easily Shri Ram went to the dias! He went there and it seemed as if the Sun has arrived on the dias. The song tells us about His ease, his grace, his valour….

Along with this we also get to know the emotions of Mata Sita in the continuation of the same song. She is starts praying to all the gods and goddesses she has worshipped till now, so that the weight of the Shivadhanush lessens down and it becomes easier for Shri Ram to lift and string it. The wonderful expression of Sita Mata can only be Felt after Immersing Completely in the lyrics of the song. Where she says-

'Tan man vachan mor panu saachaa,
Raghupati pad saroj chitu raachaa'

And again-

'Te Bhagwaan, sakal ur-vaasi,
Karahu mohe Raghuvar ki daasi,
Karahu mohe Raghuvar ki daasi.'

Then we listen the reply from the Devi Ma-

'Jehi ke jehi par satya sanehu, jehi ke jehi par satya sanehu;
So tehi milai na kachhu sandehu, so tehi milai na kachhu sandehu.'

- so Profound words, which is quoted even today!!!

Now Shri Ram is on the dias and all the people are looking at him. The whole scene seems as if like a picture, where there is no movement in the scene, everyone is so ‘tanmay' in Excitement (what will happen next? ) and also in Bliss ( to watch the action of the Lord). 

Shri Ram FEELS the emotions, which is going on in the heart of Sita Mata and realises that he should not lengthen the process of stringing the bow, otherwise Sita won't be able to control herself. Tulsidasji tells us about these observation of Shri Ram in these lines-

'Trishite baari binu jo tanu tyaagaa,
Mue karai ka sudhaa tadaagaa!!!
Ka barakha jab krishi sukhane,
Samay chuke puni ka pachhitaane;'

Now we get an idea about the Compassionate Nature of the Lord!!!! He knows the heart of all the beings!!!! So, here comes these lines –

'As jiye jaani Jaanaki dekhi,
Prabhu pulake lakhi preeti bisekhi;'

- we get a taste of His love for Mata Sita. That He also FEELS the same Love as Sita is containing in her heart for Him!!

So He attempts to string the bow very easily and the bow breaks down. Everyone present there now takes a sigh of relief!!!!

Then a very happy Rani Sunayana tells Sita to garland Shri Ram as her groom. She comes with her sakhis, but at the end she becomes shy and feels unable to move forward to Shri Ram. The background song here is 'Shri Raghuvar komal kamalnayan ko, pehenaao jaymaalaa', which reflects the happy mood of the situation. And also has a sweet line- ‘Shri Ram chakit, chitave Sita ka, adbhut roop niraalaa…’- showing us the unique beauty of Mata Sita when she has Shri Ram in her eyes :).

Now the sakhis of Sita bring her to Shri Ram and she garlands Him :), and touches His feet. They both smile. 

Here ends the first part of Swayambar :). This one is a long post, it could have been longer :) ... left out many many points, will try to come back to them later :)...

Watch it here-

(upto 10 min of the video)


(perhaps this version does not have some scenes)

And continue with-

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In the next post we will have the visit of Sage Parashuram in the swayamvar hall. 

Jai Shri Ram.

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  1. Very very sweet naration didi :) Love it! Yes, I agree with you that Divine songs play a great role in this swayamvar & marriage sequence. Whenever I watch the swayamvar episode I use to be overwhelmed with the 'Rajkumar tehi avsar aaye' song! I can easily feel the heartbeats of people of Mithila at that very moment, & of course, of the sages present there, who was waiting to get a single glance of the Lord since a long era :)
    With the arriving song of Sita Maa, the same Divine feeling of people increases. this reminds me Srimati Radharani's entering scene in Shri Krishna's Life in Ramanand Sagar's Shree Krishna serial :) both have the same message:- arrival of Parama Prakriti is must in Param Purush's Life!
    About Lakshman's role in this part, I think that it was necessary for Lord Shesh Naag to guard Shri Vishnu whenever situation is out of control. As SheshJi put umbrella on Little Kanha's Head while crossing Jamuna, the same role is here, helping in the Maha Milan of Lakshmi-Narayana :) actually I think that LakshmanJi guarded Shri Ram & Sita Maa throughout the whole life, this incident was just the initial forecast of future.
    Before taking the Har Dhanu, Shri Ram's loving glance to Mother Sita is my favorite part :) I really appreciate how the director presented such a scene without any dialog but with only RCM verses!!! This is a nice example of the scenes which I talk about as 'silent emotion special's :)
    & the most beautiful Joymala song, my dearest it is within this part :) really have no word to describe it!!!