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Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan (14) - Preparation for the Great Marriage

On the appropriate time, the 'baraat' leaves Ayodhya and receives a grand welcome when they reach Mithila. The scene where Raja Janak welcomes Raja Dashrath is so Outstanding it its Humility that one can feel the Warmth of a Sincere Heart from both the sides, in it. They appreciate each other's gracious presence and feel blessed with the beginning of this new relation. Guru Vsahishtha says everything happens according to God's Will. King Janak tells Raja Dashrath to consider himself as a 'servant'. In reply to that Raja Dashrath says it is he who is asking for Janak's daughter, so he is in the place of a 'receiver'. He is under the 'obligation' of Raja Janak. Then Sage Shataanand suggests them to take rest. It is decided that they will start the discussion on the marriage ceremony on the next day. 

A beautiful scene where Sincere Mutual Respect has been shown. We all should aim for such Ideal relation in our life!

Meanwhile Lakshman comes to Shri Ram with the news of the arrival of the 'Baraat' from Ayodhya and requests him to go and meet them. But Shri Ram explains that as they are under the order of Sage Vishwamitra, so they should wait for his permission.  On that very moment, Vishwamitra comes and appreciates such a noble decision from Shri Ram and takes both of them to meet the 'baraatis' from Ayodhya. 


In this scene, we can see Dashrath meeting Sage Vishwamitra, along with Ram-Lakshman, and also Ram -Lakshman meeting with Bharat Shatrughna, after a long time :). Sweet family meeting :).

Now I will write about the emotional appeal of the scene- as soon as they enter room where Dashrath is seated, we have an emotional response from Dashrath, which is aptly expressed by the song used in the scene- 'Bhoop biloki jabahi muni'....- taken from Ramcharitmanas. The words are so deep, going accurately with the emotions felt by Dasharath!!! I really really love that song, it tells us that for Dashrath, meeting Ram after such a long time, seems like getting life back in a dead body. Wonderful expression! And the way the song is sung, also convey the emotions.... For me, this short scene is one of the great scenes of Ramayan :)... From the point of view of actual activity, there is nothing much, but the intense union of Dashrath with his beloved son, stays in our heart forever!!

A continuation of this scene can be found in the scene which comes next. That is - when Shri Ram goes to serve his father at bedtime. Dashrath asks Shri Ram whether he missed Ayodhya or not, in all these days. Shri Ram replies that he missed Ayodhya but his focus was in completion of the task given by his elders, so he controlled his emotions. He also tells Dashrath that he always feels the blessings of elders with him, his Father has always inspired him in all his actions. Dasharath starts praising him for all his great deeds but Shri Ram takes them only as a father's love for his son. ....  Then the father jokingly asks him about his inspiration behind his action of 'Shivadhanu bhang' which makes Shri Ram shy. Then Dashrath tells him to take leave.

Can't describe the emotions of the scene completely, as it also needs to be watched to FEEL the emotions of both sides. Dashrath's Affection for his son and Shri Ram's Humilty about himself, his Respect for his father- all are so clear in this scene! Shri Ram, being fully aware of His Great Power remains obliged to his father , giving him full credit for all his wonderful deeds!!!... The way Dashrath expresses his aim of life which was normal (inspired by fame/ glory/ power) and compares it with high aim ('Welfare' of the creation) of Shri Ram, proves the Sincerity in his character. It also proves the Respect he has for his son! It is so evident from Dashrath's Virtues only, why the Almighty has decided to be born as a son to him.... Raja Dashrath, a noble character indeed!! How the great Lord accepts all our offerings!! How He responds to the love which is offered to Him by his devotees!! This short scene is so poignant in its emotions.....

In the palace, Lakshman along with Bharat and Shatrughna are talking about the Shri Ram. Lakshman is narrating how Shri Ram described his agitated state of mind after meeting Sita for the first time. Bharat and Shatrughna listen to the description eagerly when Shri Ram enters the room. The brothers become shy and finally Shatrughna asks Shri Ram about Love. Shri Ram explains that Love comes naturally in all of us, like the spontaneous relation between the waves and the moon, a mother and her son, between two brothers, in the same way Mother nature shows us the way to love. As the relations with our father and mother are pre-destined, in the same way our life partner is also pre-destined. So , when we meet her, our duty is to Trust her Sincerely and be Loyal to her. We get an idea of the Maryaada Purushottam Shri Ram here, telling about Love, Trust and Loyalty; Simple yet Profound words from the Lord!

In the next day the discussion about the marriage ceremony of Siya Ram takes place in Mithila raajsabha. Shataanandji says that, with the triumph of Shri Ram over the Shivadhanush, they (Ram-Sita) can be already be considered as married. Now only the formal marriage ceremony is to take place, according to the culture/ tradition of both the houses. They ask for Dashrath's permission, who is very glad to grant it :).  Sage Vashishtha explains how a marriage is not merely a relation between two individual persons but it includes the traditions, culture, and beliefs of the two houses. After that we also get a detailed account of the ancestors of Raja Dsahrath. - The 'ideals of marraige' is presented in such a nice way here. When we attend a marriage, it is very very rare that we understand it's full implication, which is narrated here by Sage Vashishtha.

Now Janaka offers Urmila's hand for Lakshman and Vishwamitra proposes the names of Raja Janak's brother Kushaddhwaj's daughters- Maandavi and Shrutakeerti for Bharat and Shatrughna. All are very happy with these new developments :). They decide all the four marriages will take place together after two days, and start the preparation for all the rituals. 

This news reaches Sita's chamber where all her sisters are also present . They becomes shy as well as happy at the same time :).

In Ayodhya, Rani Kaikeyi receives a second letter from Mithila, written by Dashrath, along with the regular letter which she receives everyday (about the King's wellbeing). The second letter brings in it the news of the marriage of Lakshman, Bharat, and Shatrughna. She becomes very excited and ignoring her maid Manthara's words,( who tries to stop her), Kaikeyi  goes to Maharani Kaushalya's room. After receiving the news, Kaushalya and Sumitra feel blissful!!! They instruct to light up the whole palace, to distribute sweets to all, to give alms to Brahmins, and to start a grand preparation to welcome the newly weds :).

As Kaikeyi returns to her room, Manthara once again comes to her and advices her to do some actions individually, (not depending on Maharani Kaushalya always ). Manthara repeatedly makes Kaikeyi aware of the fact that Bharat is 'her' son. And also reminds the fact that she has a great paternal house of which she should be very proud of. She should send a messenger to her paternal house (Kekay desh). Kaikeyi agrees to this proposal by Manthara. Thus Manthara tries to cut off Kaikeyi from the 'oneness' with the joy of the palace,  which Kaikeyi was feeling just moments before...

Watch it here-

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And continue it with-

(upto 6 minutes of this video)

In the next part, we will see the marriage of Siya Ram :) .

Here is the lyrics of the song- 'Bhoop biloki' from RCM, posted by Shivang-
(8th post of the page)

Jai Shri Ram!


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