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Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan (13) - News of Shivadhanu Bhang reaches Ayodhya

We will start from the scene where we left in my last post. That is, Sage Parashuraam leaves the Swayamvar hall. Then Shri Ram touches the feet of King Janak and asks for his blessings. The king blesses him. Now Raja Janak asks Rishi Vishwamitra about the future course of action, how they should proceed about the marriage ceremony of Siya Ram. Vishwamitra tells him to send a messenger to Ayodhya with all the news and also to start preparing for the great marriage ceremony. 

Next comes a scene which is full of JOY, and one of my Favourite scenes :). It starts when Bharat and Shatrugna enters King Dashrath and Rani Kaikeyi's chamber with the letters of Raja Janak and sage Vishwamitra in their hand. Kaushalya also enters the room. Then Bharat and Shatrughna start telling them about the content of the two letters. Here they create such a Sweet Moment when they enact all the heroic deeds of Shri Ram, (as written in the letters), that the king and all the queens remain Spellbound while listening to the glory of Shri Ram!!... They even ask 'phir' , again and again to request Bharat to continue with his desription :) :) .... Great great acting by both Bharat and Shatrugna, we could actually FEEL the emotions ( excitement)  of all the characters here!!!! The queens start rejoincing after listening the good news. They already start dreaming about the marriage of Siya Ram, about their grandchildren in future :).  Then Bharat- Shatrugna also joins the lovely imaginations :). 

In the next scene Dashrath along with kulguru Vashishtha, meet the messenger (Devvrat) who has come from Mithila. Rishi Vashishtha accepts the invitation from Mithila and tells him that the 'baraat' will reach Mithila soon. Devvrat eulogizes the valours of Ram- Lakshman and appreciates Raja Dashrath for his great sons. Dashrath tells him that he misses his dear son Ram. He also gives some gifts ro Devvrat, who respects this noble gesture by the king but also expresses his inability to accept any gift from the in-laws house of Mithila's daughter- Sita. After the messenger is gone, Vashishtha and Dashrath decide that they will start the journey on the 2nd day from that day. They also decide to take the noble persons of the state and the 'nagavaasis' along with them, who want to attend the marriage ceremony.

This one is a small but beautiful scene, specially the interacion between Dashrath and Devvrat is so Humble!! Ramayan always shows us the 'Ideals of Action' in any situation!!

In the mean time Maharani Kaushalya starts charitable works for the welfare of her son. She feels even if a single person of her kingdom is poor or sad, the king does not have any right to celebrate his happiness. She also asks Aarya Sumantra to send her warm greetings to Rani Suanayana in the form of a personal message. 

Watch it here-

(upto 13 minutes of the video)


Valmiki Ramayan-

Messege sent to Ayodhya-

Shri Ramcharitmanas-

Messenger send to ayodhya and departure of Baraat from Ayodhya

This part and the next part, both are for preparing us for the great marriage of Siya Ram. In the next post, we will reach Mithila for the marriage.

Jai Shri Ram.

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